The Value of Time

Time is valuable

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. If you don’t know, I am Tazlina Lee, an Independent Toronto Companion and nothing brings me more anguish than wasted time.

Time is slipping past us at this very moment. You will never be as young as you were when you began reading this, and you will be even older by the end.

Time might be the most intangible yet valuable thing in our lives. We race against it. We barter it. And sometimes, unfortunately, we waste it.

Sometimes, to no fault of our own, life can get the best of us. And we might spend a lot a time recuperating. However, recovery from life stresses whether emotional, financial or physical should not be seen as wasted time but necessary downtime. Although we might not want to do it is necessary.

The real wasted time I am referring to, however, is the way in which we waste our time by following ridiculous social norms that work against our happiness and fulfillment.

Putting time in perspective helped me become a Toronto Companion

Time is infinite but unfortunately, the time allotted to humans is not. We can’t live forever, but fortunately, that can put things in perspective. For me, it’s helped prioritize the pros and cons of becoming an independent companion. While curious, the stigma held me back for a long time.

Especially with #SESTA and #FOSTA passing, even though I am Canadian this oppressive law has affected us all.

What helped was imagining myself on my deathbed, surrounded by my children and their children and wondering if entering escorting would be my single greatest regret. I absolutely doubted it. And imagining my deathbed is optimistic. Perhaps I don’t even make it that far? Morbid thinking I know. But I could die tomorrow, and I seriously doubt the moments that flash before my eyes will include my last client. Although I hope if I ever go unexpectedly, I pray I did not have to suffer through terrible head.

So this is a message mostly to me but to you also. Whatever you are hesitating to do out of fear or embarrassment, do it! Remember that time is fleeting and quite frankly you will be dead soon. As Drake said, “I’m here for a good time not a long time.”

Try to have as many good times as you can! Make a list of things you want, events you can attend, changes you can make or a special Independent Toronto companion you can see (hint hint).

I want you to start now!

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Until next time!